Friday, August 20

The Great Book List Expansion

There is a pile of books in various stages of unread-ness on my bed.

clockwise: Neal Stephenson's Zodiac, Alan Moore's LXG Volume 2, Dr Raj Persaud's From The Edge of The Couch, The Yakuza Movie Book by Mark Schilling, Neil Gaiman's Don't Panic and Bruce Campbell's If Chins Could Kill. Not in picture due to insoluble differences (read I was too lazy to run to the other room is Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver.)

Still I find myself always adding to the already growing list of books to read, like an expansion pack for a game that's a decade old and on its last legs (I swear that doesn't make sense). The latest additions that will soon join the ranks of my bank account depletors:

Neal Stephenson: In The Beginning There Was The Command Line and the sequel to Quicksilver, The Confusion.

Gene Brewer: The K-Pax trilogy omnibus.

Neil Gaiman's Sandman series, and the accompanying volumes.

Douglas Adams' The Salmon of Doubt.

Whoohoo. I have a feeling my house will be freaking filled with books come end of the year.