Friday, August 13

Building an OST

Thanks to a couple of Yahoo! chats I've had earlier in the week, I'm now contemplating building a list of songs for (wait for it) the Ash.Ox OST (not to be confused with Ash's Ultimate Mix CD, which is another endeavour altogether). Since this will be an ongoing process (and I so hate to have several OSTs for every period of my life, plus I've been limited to 17 songs) it'll have to take some careful thought and consideration. Yes, I have no life. Besides, the alternative (hunkering down and getting exam questions ready before Monday) seems such a drag for a Friday night. Still, work is work, and in between questions I suppose I'll be able to update the list from time to time. Here, in no particular order are some of my choices. There'll be more than 17 of course, but I'll have to pare them down eventually:

  1. Blur's Charmless Man
  2. RHCP's Under The Bridge
  3. RHCP's Breaking The Girl
  4. Bush's Swallowed
  5. White Town's Your Woman
  6. Nirvana's Love Buzz
  7. Nirvana's Pay To Play
  8. Counting Crows' Round Here
  9. Pearl Jam's Elderly Woman Behind The Counter in A Small Town
  10. Morbid Angel's Desolate Ways
  11. The Pilgrim's My Own Mind
  12. Elton John's Tell Her About It
There'll be some more additions, but first I need to get these questions done. Have a good (and safe) weekend, folks.