Tuesday, February 22

InsaneOx is Down (Again)

Dear Readers:

As of today some of you may have had trouble accessing my new blog at www.insaneox.org. That's quite understandable. You see, my hosting company, Mercumaya, experienced the latest in a series of debilitating "occurrences" with this final one totally wiping out the contents of my account and domain (as of 5 pm) and of several others, including voicefromwithin.net and bazlithography.com. According to the company, the databases are still intact, although having been through what I have with them these past few weeks, I am disinclined to believe them.

As of today I haven't even owned the domain for 30 days, and of that time the site has probably been up for about two weeks in total. I would link you to the posts I made during the intense period that was last week as I cajoled them into doing what would be standard for other hosting providers; but sadly those too have been wiped out except for a backup copy currently residing in my hard disk, and even that ends on the 17th, leaving 5 days' worth of entries gone in the ether (if we're inclined to ignore their promise).

Having blogged hassle free via blogger (and then Typepad) I feel I am more than within my rights when I say if you know of anyone considering to purchase hosting from this company, please dissuade them. If it takes me a month for them to install the DBD::SQL drivers, think of the time (and money) they could ultimately cost you.

In the meantime, I apologise. As of the time of writing there is little indication as to when the servers will be online again, and even less as to the condition of the contents of my site. At this point in time I am more than ever tempted to stop this sorry exercise altogether, cut my losses and run, although this remains to be seen.

I'm sure that meanwhile my readers will be able to find themselves new and interesting things to read on or off PPS, and I hope we can meet again sometime.

Thank you, and goodnight.