Sunday, January 23

Expect Some Changes

Hello, people.

This is your friendly neighbourhood InsaneOx, speaking to you via delayed blogocast (rest assured though that everything will have been tailor-made to your particular time zones by this time). There'll be significantly fewer updates this week as he struggles with exporting all the goodies you're used to be reading to somewhere a little more advanced (but not too much so that he won't have time for other important things, like work for example).

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm officially testing out TypePad (Link). Sure, it's not THE most cutting edge thing out there - but it's cheap, and it'll serve my needs for now. Forgive me for the unfriendly URL (Link), I'll redirect the moment I get my domain registration up and running.

Until then, all new updates will be there! So update your bookmarks and wish me luck!